October 14, 2019

Rita Cosby Book Night

OPC member Rita Cosby will be featured at a Book Night at the Consulate General of Poland, De Lamar Mansion to present her book “Quiet Hero: Secrets From my Father’s Past,” the story how she uncovered her father’s history as a Polish Resistance fighter and as a POW.

Al Kaff reviewed the book in the June Bulletin writing:

HER FATHER LEFT POLAND after World War II, but his daughter knew little about his past. Scars
were all over his body, but he refused to talk about what had happened to him. When she was a teenager, her father divorced her mother, and he left the family. Years later, his daughter, Rita Cosby, found a worn suitcase filled with mementos including a worn Polish Resistance armband, a rusted tag bearing a prisoner’s
number and a POW identity card.

Cosby, an OPC member, finally persuaded her father to talk about his WWII experiences, and she wrote his story in Quiet Hero: Secrets From My Father’s Past [New York: Simon & Schuster]. Her father was a Polish Resistance fighter in Warsaw who was captured by the Nazis, escaped from a German POW camp and rescued by U.S. forces.

Cosby and her father went to Warsaw last November, his first visit there in 65 years, and he received an award from the president of Poland. Senator John McCain, who was a POW during the Vietnam War, wrote in a blurb, “Rita’s story is one that will touch every family… . A loving poignant tribute to her POW father and freedom.” Cosby is donating proceeds from her book to the USO and two museums in Poland — a museum of the history of Polish Jews, erected where the Warsaw ghetto once stood, and the Warsaw Rising Museum.

Cosby, an Emmy winner, is a correspondent on CBS’s “Inside Edition.”