April 25, 2024

SIPA Conference on Journalism and Human Rights

You are cordially invited to an all-day conference that IMAC@SIPA is hosting on journalism and human rights.

A number of distinguished journalists, historians and scholars are flying in to speak at this event and we will cover a range of topics.We will start off the morning with Michael Schudson and Michael Massing discussing advocacy and journalism. P. Sainath is giving a lunchtime keynote about journalism and development in India.

Jenny Mcgill and Nicole Pope, Madhusree Mukerjee and Prue Clarke will talk about gender and the media. Ken Silverstein and Katie Redford are coming up from Washington DC to join a panel with Aviva Chomsky and Lisa Misol from Human Rights watch on covering the extractive sector. We’ve also got Robert Friedman moderating a panel on labor coverage and Columbia’s own Elazar Barkan, Howard French and Robbie Barnett discussing human rights coverage and the lines between reporting and advocacy. Sheila Coronel will lead a panel on investigative reporting around the world which will include Angela Pimenta (Brazil), Silvio Waisbord and Weifeng Ni.

The conference will mark the publication of Global Muckraking, which is the first-ever collection of investigative reporting from the developing world over the last 100 years. The book includes 47 pieces of journalism from all over the world, each introduced by a journalist or scholar or activist who explains the context of the reporting and why it had (or didn’t have) an impact. Adam Hochschild, Anton Harber and Nicole Pope contributed and we have pieces by Christian Parenti, Ben Skinner, Ken Silverstein, Rafael Marques, Carlos Cardoso and many others.