August 17, 2022

Event Coverage Highlight

VIDEO: Afghanistan – America’s Longest War

On Oct. 10, the OPC and Ford Motor Co. co-sponsored a panel to discuss the challenges of establishing stability and democracy in Afghanistan, amid intervention from Pakistan and India, and more recently from Iran and Russia. Please take a look at the playlist of clips from the program on our YouTube channel above.

Panelists were Kathy Gannon, senior correspondent for Pakistan and Afghanistan for The Associated Press and is based in Islamabad, Pakistan; David Rohde, online news director for The New Yorker; and Jere Van Dyk, who covered the Afghan- Soviet war for The New York Times in the early 1980s, and is author of several books including THE TRADE: My Journey into the Labyrinth of Political Kidnapping, which was released the day of the event.

Our moderator was Willam J. Holstein, who  covered the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in late 1979 and was one of the American journalists placed under house arrest and deported for “interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation.” He has authored seven books and is president of the OPC Foundation.