December 1, 2023

Event Coverage Highlight

VIDEO: Are China and Russia Accelerating their Cyber Campaigns Against the United States?

On Sept. 20, the co-authors of Battlefield Cyber: How China and Russia Are Undermining Our Democracy and National Security discussed China’s cyber and espionage attacks against the U.S. government and military, amid recent high-profile examples such as the spy balloon that was shot down over U.S. airspace in early 2023, penetrating Microsoft Outlook cloud email servers that host the State and Commerce Departments, placing malware in U.S. critical infrastructure that The New York Times called a “ticking time bomb,” and penetrating the U.S. Navy’s secrets, as per the two recent arrests of Chinese-American sailors in California. Russia, for its part, is behind a surge in ransomware attacks against schools and universities, hospitals and businesses around the world, the authors argued. John Avlon, a vice president of the OPC, moderated the discussion.

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