January 29, 2023

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VIDEO: ‘How I Did It’ – New York Times Journalists Share Insight About Reporting on China Surveillance


On Nov. 30, New York Times journalists Muyi Xiao and Paul Mozur discussed their recent reporting on China’s growing domestic surveillance with OPC Past President William J. Holstein. Both were part of teams that analyzed more than 100,000 state bidding documents and talked to citizens on the ground to unravel the Chinese government’s use of technologies such as phone tracking, DNA collection, facial and voice recognition software to gather vast amounts of data. This information is fed into algorithms to find patterns and predict behavior such as crimes or protests, or signal police when someone with a history of mental illness approaches a school.

Click the window above to watch a playlist of clips from the program.

The program was part of the OPC’s part of the OPC’s “How I Did It Series,” which offers members the opportunity to interact with highly successful journalists.

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