January 29, 2023

Event Coverage Highlight

VIDEO: Panel Following ‘FREELANCERS’ Screening with Bill Gentile

On Nov. 14, Bill Gentile and other freelance journalists discussed their work following a screening of ‘FREELANCERS,’ a documentary series about the work and personal struggles of a new generation of journalists searching for truth, purpose and meaning in the most challenging and complex countries in the world.

Click on the window above to watch a playlist of video clips from the program.

Moderator: Bill Gentile is an independent journalist and documentary filmmaker who began his career as a freelance foreign correspondent in Mexico in 1977. He has covered stories from Central America, to the Persian Gulf, to Iraq and Afghanistan and won two Emmy Awards. He is a professor of the School of Communication at American University in Washington, DC, and producer, director and host of FREELANCERS.

Sulome Anderson is a journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon and New York City. Her work has appeared in outlets including The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, NBC News, Newsweek, Harper’s and Esquire. Her book, The Hostage’s Daughter, was published by HarperCollins in 2016.

Jason Motlagh is a writer, broadcast journalist and filmmaker whose work focuses on conflict and human rights. He has reported from more than fifty countries and a half-dozen conflicts spanning West Africa to Southeast Asia for National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Outside, The Washington Post, The Guardian and The Economist. He won the OPC’s Madeline Dane Ross Award for Best International Reporting on the Human Condition in 2014.