April 23, 2024

What to Expect in Russia

Princeton Professor Mark Beissinger and OPC member and Voice of America Russia/CIS Bureau Chief James Brooke discuss the future of Russia’s democracy movement and the return of Vladimir Putin.

Come hear a lively discussion of trends changing Russia. After Vladimir Putin returns to the Kremlin on May 7, what will happen to the growing democracy movement of Russia’s increasingly restive urban middle class.

Will President-elect Putin try to muddle through the next six years with the formula that served him well in the 2000s: an authoritarian system that redistributes earnings from a resource exporting economy? Or will he, at age 60, shift course, curb corruption, diversify the economy and gradually open up the political system?

Mark Beissinger, Professor of Politics and Director of the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies will share his expertise on opposition-regime dynamics and speak about the assertions of Russian civil society and what this might harbor for the future. James Brooke, a foreign correspondent for many years with The New York Times moved to Moscow six years ago to report for Bloomberg and now VOA. He will share his views based on the daily events he reports for his news service and for his popular blog, Russia Watch.

This event was coordinated by Program Co-Chair Christine Loomis.

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