April 12, 2024

Women and Social Change in Emerging Democracies ange in Emerging Democracies

Democracy can provide an effective mechanism for sustaining social change and managing conflict. Across the globe, women have demonstrated their indispensability in building and sustaining stable democratic process. Social and political changes taking place in the Arab World and other parts of the world present a crucial opportunity for the Middle East and North Africa region to build more inclusive and prosperous society. What should be the role of women in emerging democracies?

The conference will specifically:

  • Explore the social obligation of women and participation in public affairs;
  •  Examine the contribution of women in strengthening mediation and conflict resolution;
  •  Determine the extent to which civil society can help advance women’s rights.
  • Evaluate best practices for policy formulation and other gender sensitive governance activities. 


Who should attend?

  • Wives of heads of states and governments
  • Law makers, diplomats, and past and present Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Monarchs
  • Community leaders, activists, and students,
  • Professionals, public affairs practitioners and consultants,


Policymakers, media, and members of the diplomatic community.

Contact, Ugoji Eze, Esq. at 917-306-5258 or e-mail ugojiaeze@gmail.com