April 12, 2024

A World Policy Salon and Book Launch

A World Policy Salon and launch of the first World Policy Book:
A Deluge of Consequences with author Jacques Leslie. Moderated by former OPC President David A. Andelman.

High atop the Himalayas, the planet’s next environmental disaster is set to unfold in the form of fragile glacial lakes on the verge of exploding. When the lakes burst, the torrents of water sweep entire populations in their wake. Jacques Leslie takes us to Bhutan, whose environmental policies are among the world’s most advanced, and where for four summers the Bhutanese government has deployed hundreds of workers on journeys beyond 17,000 feet, over one of the toughest trekking trails in the world, to reach a lake in imminent danger of collapse and seek alternative channels for the lake’s water.

In this Salon, acclaimed former Los Angeles Times correspondent Leslie warns of the devastating and dramatic consequences if we lose the race against these Glacial Lake Outburst Floods. Leslie’s A Deluge of Consequences is the first World Policy Book and an extension of an article Leslie wrote for the World Policy Journal Summer 2013 issue. Leslie’s last book, Deep Water: The Epic Struggle Over Dams, Displaced People, and the Environment, won the J. Anthony Lukas Work-in-Progress Award for its “elegant, beautiful prose.”