Citation Winners

The following is a list of citation winners for the OPC Awards for work published in 2017.

The Hal Boyle Award

Citation Recipients: Clare Baldwin, Andrew R.C. Marshall, Manuel Mogato and Reuters team

Affiliation: Reuters

Honored Work: “Duterte’s War”


The Bob Considine Award

Citation Recipient: Borzou Daragahi

Affiliation: BuzzFeed

Honored Work: “Iran and the US at a Crossroads”


The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award

Citation Recipients: Ivor Prickett

Affiliation: The New York Times

Honored Work: “What ISIS Left Behind”


The Oliver Rebbot Award

Citation Recipient: Mohammad Ponir Hossain, Danish Siddiqui, Hannah McKay, Damir Sagolj and Cathal McNaughton

Affiliation: Reuters

Honored Work: “Rohingya Flee Violence in Myanmar”


The Feature Photography Award

Citation Recipient: Meridith Kohut

Affiliation: The New York Times

Honored Work: “As Venezuela Collapses, Children are Dying of Hunger”


The Lowell Thomas Award

Citation Recipients: Marlon Bishop, Maria Hinojosa, Nadia Reiman and Stephanie Lebow

Affiliation: Latino USA

Honored Work: “A Border Drawn in Blood”


The David Kaplan Award

Citation Recipients: Ian Pannell, Matt McGarry, Rym Momtaz, Nicky DeBlois and Jenna Millman

Affiliation: ABC News

Honored Work: “The War Against ISIS”


The Edward R. Murrow Award

Citation Recipients: Steve Kroft, Draggan Mihailovich, Laura Dodd and Matthew Lev

Affiliation: CBS 60 Minutes

Honored Work: “Isle of Eigg”


The Peter Jennings Award

Citation Recipients: Michael Kirk, Mike Wiser, Jim Gilmore, Philip Bennett, David E. Hoffman and Raney Aronson-Rath

Affiliation: PBS FRONTLINE

Honored Work: “Putin’s Revenge”


The Ed Cunningham Award

Citation Recipients: Ben Mauk, Laura Kasinof, George Butler and Diana Markosian

Affiliation: Virginia Quarterly Review/Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Honored Work: “Paths to Refuge”


The Thomas Nast Award

Citation Recipients: Kevin Kallaugher

Affiliation: The Economist


The Morton Frank Award

(No Citation)


The Malcolm Forbes Award

Citation Recipients: Lauren Etter, Benjamin Elgin, Sarah Frier and Michael Riley

Affiliation: Bloomberg News

Honored Work: “Facebook and the Assault on Democracy”


The Cornelius Ryan Award

Citation Recipient: Joshua Kurlantzick

Affiliation: Simon & Schuster

Honored Work: A Great Place to Have a War: America in Laos and the Birth of a Military CIA


The Madeline Dane Ross Award

Citation Recipients: Cynthia Gorney, Amy Toensing and Kathryn Carlson

Affiliation: National Geographic

Honored Work: “Life After Loss”


The David A. Andelman and Pamela Title Award

Citation Recipients: Jordan Kronick, David Scott, Fernando Villegas and Daniel Litke

Affiliation: HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Honored Work: “The Strongman – Ramzan Kadyrov”


The Joe and Laurie Dine Award

Citation Recipients: Dionne Searcey and Sarah Topol

Affiliation: The New York Times

Honored Work: “Hell’s Children”


The Whitman Bassow Award

Citation Recipients: Douglas Fox, Laurent Ballesta and Camille Seaman

Affiliation: National Geographic

Honored Work: “Crisis on the Ice” and “Under Antarctica”


The Robert Spiers Benjamin Award

Citation Recipient: Almudena Toral, Maye Primera, Oscar Martinez and Carlos Martinez

Affiliation: Univision News Digital/El Faro

Honored Work: “From Migrants to Refugees: The New Plight of Central Americans”

(Judge Carlos Dada recused himself from the citation selection.)


The Kim Wall Award

Citation Recipients: Aryn Baker, Lynsey Addario and Francesca Trianni

Affiliation: TIME, supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and Merck for Mothers

Honored Work: “Finding Home”


The Roy Rowan Award

Citation Recipient: Iona Craig

Affiliation: The Intercept

Honored Work: “Death in Al Ghayil: Women and Children in Yemeni Village Recall Horror of Trump’s ‘Highly Successful’ SEAL Raid”


Best Commentary

(No Citation)