Citation Winners

The following is a list of citation winners for the OPC Awards for work published in 2016.


The Hal Boyle Award

Citation Recipients: Ben Hubbard, Mark Mazzetti, Carlotta Gall, Scott Shane and Nicholas Kulish

Affiliation: The New York Times

Honored Work: “Secrets of the Kingdom”


The Bob Considine Award

Citation Recipients: Tom Burgis, Pilita Clark, Michael Peel, Charlie Bibby and Kari-Ruth Pedersen

Affiliation: Financial Times

Honored Work: “Great Land Rush”


The Robert Capa Gold Medal

Citation Recipients: Goran Tomasevic, Zohra Bensemra, Mohammed Salem and Ahmed Jadallah.

Affiliation: Reuters

Honored Work: “Battle for Mosul”


The Oliver Rebbot Award

Citation Recipient: Aris Messinis

Affiliation: Agence France Presse

Honored Work: “Desperate Journey”


The Feature Photography Award

Citation Recipient: Tomas Munita

Affiliation: The New York Times

Honored Work: “Cuba on the Edge of Change”


The Lowell Thomas Award

Citation Recipients: Jasmine Garsd

Affiliation: PRI’s The World

Honored Work: “Women of Colombia’s War”


The David Kaplan Award


No citation.


The Edward R. Murrow Award

Citation Recipients: Morgan Till, Jane Ferguson, Jane Arraf, Jon Gerberg and Sara Just

Affiliation: PBS News Hour//Pulitzer Center

Honored Work: “The Fight for Iraq.”


The Peter Jennings Award


No citation.


The Ed Cunningham Award

Citation Recipients: Scott Anderson

Affiliation: The New York Times Magazine

Honored Work: “Fractured Lands”


The Thomas Nast Award

Citation Recipients: Adam Zyglis

Affiliation: Buffalo News


The Morton Frank Award


Citation Recipients: Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley and Andrew Willis

Affiliation: Bloomberg Businessweek

Honored Work: “How to Hack an Election”


The Malcolm Forbes Award

Citation Recipients: Rob Barry, Christopher S. Stewart, Mark Maremont, Margaret Coker and Benoit Faucon

Affiliation: The Wall Street Journal

Honored Work: “Accounting For Terror”


The Cornelius Ryan Award

Citation Recipients: Robert F. Worth

Affiliation: Farrar, Straus & Giroux

Honored Work: A Rage for Order: The Middle East in Turmoil, from Tahrir Square to ISIS


The Madeline Dane Ross Award

Citation Recipients: Kathy Gannon

Affiliation: The Associated Press

Honored Work: “Honor Bound”


The David A. Andelman and Pamela Title Award

Citation Recipients: James Blumeil, Dan Edge, Andrew Metz and Raney Aronson

Affiliation: PBS Frontline

Honored Work: “Exodus”


The Joe and Laurie Dine Award

Citation Recipients: Rachel Nolan

Affiliation: Harper’s

Honored Work: “Innocents: Where Pregnant Women Have More to Fear than Zika”


The Whitman Bassow Award


No citation.


The Robert Spiers Benjamin Award

Citation Recipient: Jon Lee Anderson

Affiliation: The New Yorker

Honored Work: “The Distant Shore”


Best Digital Reporting on International Affairs

Citation Recipient: Evan Ratliff

Affiliation: The Atavist Magazine

Honored Work: “The Mastermind”


Best Investigative Reporting

Citation Recipient: Chris Hamby

Affiliation: BuzzFeed News

Honored Work: “Secrets of a Global Super Court”


Best Commentary

Citation Recipient: Trudy Rubin

Affiliation: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Honored Work:  “Columns from hots spots and home on US foreign policy challenges of the new era”