OPC Launches New Membership Fund for Freelancers

By Patricia Kranz

Please consider supporting the work of international freelance journalists by donating to the Membership Fund of the Overseas Press Club of America. Accurate, unbiased reporting is more important now than ever. But much of the work is being done by freelancers who have little institutional support from news organization.

The OPC has stepped into the breach by providing services to independent journalists including photo press IDs that help them get visas and access to sources; OPC Connect, a closed Facebook group open only to OPC members that allows reporters and editors to network and discuss assignments and issues relevant to international journalism; and training programs that offer tips on how to protect yourself and sources in crisis zones.

Now, the OPC is setting up a fund that will be used exclusively to subsidize dues for freelancers who have trouble financing membership. Freelancers can apply and the funds will be distributed according to need by the membership committee. A donation of $375 will pay annual OPC dues for a freelance journalist whose home base is New York. $175 will pay annual dues for a journalist based outside the U.S. Contributions of any amount are appreciated. They are not tax-deductible. Please text 646-891-4672 to make your pledge or send a check to the OPC.

Click on the “Donate” button below to support the Membership Fund for Freelancers.