OPC Mourns the Loss of Hetherington and Hondros

The Overseas Press Club and the community of global journalists have lost two great friends, brilliant photographers, consummate and fearless professionals. Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros, who died covering the front lines in Misurata, Libya, were doing what they loved to do and did so well—chronicling the latest in a succession of wars and revolutions, and the innocent victims of conflict. Now the two of them, both winners of OPC Awards and a host of other honors for their work, are themselves victims. Indeed, we were looking forward with immense anticipation to Tim’s return on April 28 when he was to serve as co-presenter at this year’s OPC Awards ceremony and receive a citation for his own photography under fire in Afghanistan. As an organization that fights year-round for the right of journalists to perform their work and encourages the highest standards of international journalism, we’re devastated by this news. Our sympathy goes out to their families, friends and colleagues.

David A. Andelman


Overseas Press Club of America