OPC Press Badge Testimonial: Lucy Sherriff Covers US Election Rallies

by OPC member Lucy Sherriff

I attended one of the MAGA Mayday rallies on Friday, May 2 to file a multimedia report for The Sun’s US publication.

The event I covered was in Huntington Beach, CA, where there were as many as 3,000 people.

There were a number of individuals at the rally with cameras, and so the OPC press badge helped distinguish me as a verified member of the press.

Thanks to the badge, I was able to conduct interviews and reassure individuals I was a credible journalist, as well as being able to speak with police and gain vital information about the situation, not just with regards to the event, but also my own safety.

I will be covering many more events leading up to this year’s presidential election and I feel confident that my OPC credentials will assist me in securing interviews, and hopefully help guarantee my safety at large events and rallies.