July 25, 2024

Press Freedom


Free Members of Press Club Belarus!

Yulia Slutskaya. Photo: Jacek Truczyk, courtesy of Press Club Polska.

The detentions of Yulia Slutskaya, founder and president of Press Club Belarus, Sergei Olshevsky, the club’s director, Alla Sharko, club program director, Sergei Yakupov, Media Academy program director for the club, and Pyotr Slutsky, cameraperson, are new examples of the war that was launched by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko on freedom of speech and independent journalism in Belarus. In addition, Press Club Belarus’ headquarters and homes of some of the club’s managers were searched.

Club members of the International Association of Press Clubs (IAPC) and European Press Clubs Federation (EPCF) demand the immediate release of those detained and an end to repression of journalists in Belarus.

Since the fraudulent presidential elections in August and the start of mass protests, 385 journalists have been detained in Belarus just for doing their jobs, and some of them are still imprisoned.

We convey to all repressed Belarusian journalists our utmost respect for their attitude, solidarity and support. Journalists around the world are requested to monitor the situation and keep the public informed.


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