July 25, 2024

Press Freedom

United States

NYT Publisher Sulzberger Shares Threats to Journalism in Trump Era

New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger wrote an op-ed about a relentless global campaign targeting journalists because of the “fundamental role they play in ensuring a free and informed society.”

Read the whole piece, “The Growing Threat to Journalism Around the World,” here >>

In the piece, Sulzberger tells a chilling story about a reporter based in Egypt named Declan Walsh. A US government official informed the Times that he was in danger of imminent arrest. But the official was doing so without the permission of the Trump administration: “Rather than trying to stop the Egyptian government or assist the reporter, the official believed, the Trump administration intended to sit on the information and let the arrest be carried out. The official feared being punished for even alerting us to the danger.”