April 16, 2024

Press Freedom


OPC Urges Rwanda to End Repressive Policies

H.E. Paul Kagame


Office of the President

Urugwiro Village

P.O. Box 15


Republic of Rwanda

Fax: (011.250) 84390

Your Excellency:

Last August, we wrote to you protesting the extreme measures taken by your government to silence the press in the run-up to your election. These measures included the shutting down of publications and radio stations, the jailing of journalists and, perhaps, even the murder of one, Jean-Léonard Rugambage, deputy editor of Umuvugizi.

Now we read that two of the journalists arrested last year and jailed since July have been sentenced to lengthy jail terms on charges that would be laughed out of court in a democracy. As you know, the journalists are Agnes Uwimana, editor of the weekly, Umurabyo, sentenced to 17 years, and her deputy, Saidati Mukakibibi, sentenced to 7 years. One can be thankful, perhaps, that these sentences were much less than what the state prosecutor had requested.

The charges against the two reporters, stemming from opinions they had expressed in their newspaper, included inciting civil disobedience, spreading false rumors, insulting the president, and challenging the official view of the genocide. A more tolerant government might have viewed these writings as simply discussing; for example, divisions of opinion within the army and the need for sympathy for the Hutu victims of the genocide.

You may feel that these writings were exaggerated, sensational or inaccurate, but that does not mean they should be suppressed. A free press means a press that can freely and sometimes even irresponsibly criticize a nation’s rulers. The universal desire for freedom includes the desire to have access to different and contradictory points of view, as we are seeing now in Tunisia and Egypt.

The Overseas Press Club of America urges you to reverse your government’s repressive policies towards the media.

Respectfully yours,

Jeremy Main
Kevin McDermott

Co-Chairmen, Freedom of the Press Committee


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Ambassador of Rwanda to the U.S.A.

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