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Press Freedom


Pakistan August 16, 2010

H.E. Asif Al Zadari


Office of the President


Constitution Avenue


Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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Your Excellency:

We join many Pakistani journalists and media associations, as well as international civil groups, in deploring the actions taken in Pakistan to shut down TV stations and newspapers that had reported on your embarrassing encounter in Birmingham.

Although direct government actions to silence these journalists might have seemed too obvious, permitting activists from your party, the PPP, backed by police to commit the violent acts that did silence them was no better. As one protest by journalists in Pakistan put it, this was “hooliganism on a state level.”

Pakistan is already one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists to practice their trade. Nevertheless, Pakistan enjoys a vibrant, inquisitive press, which is what a democracy needs. The departure of General Musharraf in 2008 was expected to free Pakistan‘s press from persecution; yet, under your government, the pressure to make the press toe the government line grows stronger.

The recent attacks on our Pakistani colleagues – blocking transmissions by Geo TV and ARY news, forcing cable companies to stop carrying those programs, seizing and burning newspapers – come of course at a particularly difficult time for Pakistan. The shoe-throwing when you were speaking in Birmingham recently was a trivial event compared to the calamity of this week’s floods in Pakistan.

Yet, that trivial incident was the immediate reason for cutting off the news just when the Pakistani people have the greatest need to know what is happening to them. To respond to a great emergency with silence is always more dangerous than telling people the truth.

By the time this reaches you, it may be that the action of the Lahore High Court will have succeeded in lifting the ban on the media. If so, well and good. But we, of the Overseas Press Club of America, urge you not to repeat this mistake the next time the press irritates you.

Respectfully yours,

Jeremy Main
Kevin McDermott

Co-chairmen – Freedom of the Press Committee


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