July 15, 2024

Press Freedom

Russian Federation

Putin Must Investigate Threat to Editor

H.E. Vladimir Putin
The Kremlin
Russian Federation
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Your Excellency:

It is gratifying, of course, that chief investigator, Aleksandr I. Bastrykin, has offered an apology to Novaya Gazeta and its deputy editor, Sergei Sokolov, after editor-in-chief, Dmitry A. Muratov, accused Bastrykin of threatening to kill Sokolov.  But the matter can not be left at that ambiguous point.

Bastrykin’s first reaction to Muratov’s charge was to deny it, telling the newspaper, Izvestia, that Muratov’s open letter to him was “outright lies,” “stupidities and innuendo.”  Hours later, when he convened prominent journalists at the Interfax news agency and issued his apology, Bastrykin never acknowledged what he was apologizing for or that Muratov’s account of the incident was true.  As Muratov told it, Bastrykin’s security guards drove Sokolov to a forest outside Moscow, where Bastrykin threatened to kill him and joked that he personally would lead the investigation into Sokolov’s death.

Muratov has said he is satisfied with Bastrykin’s apology, though it is not clear whether Sokolov will return to the country he left in fear of his life.  But defenders of press freedom and honest government can not be as tolerant.

Your Excellency, if any of this actually happened, it was a crime, which no vague apology can erase.  It would also have been a gross dereliction of duty by the highest investigative official in Russia, a man who was your schoolmate and personal friend.  He surely can not remain in this position after such an incident.  We call on you again to launch a full investigation of the case, suspend Aleksandr Bastrykin from his office, and prosecute him impartially if the facts support Muratov’s accusation.

Respectfully yours,
Larry Martz
Jeremy Main
Freedom of the Press Committee


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