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Press Freedom

Russian Federation

Russia May 8, 2006

H.E. Vladimir Putin
The Kremlin
Russian Federation
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Your Excellency:

In the brief three weeks since our last letter, three more flagrant abuses of press freedom in Russia have come to our attention.

The most shameful was the arrest and two-month sentence to custody of Viktor Shmakov, editor-in-chief of Provintsialniye Vesti . According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Shmakov is being held while the FSB and Interior Ministry conduct a joint investigation into two articles published in a special edition of Provintsialniye Vesti in April. The articles criticized corruption and human rights abuses in Bashkortostan and called for the resignation of President Murtaza Rakhimov, who has ruled the republic since 1993. We remind Your Excellency that Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights safeguards the right of every individual to seek, receive and impart information and opinions without interference. Thus, Shmakov was fully within his rights no matter what he wrote, short of inciting mayhem. To quote Ann Cooper, executive director of CPJ, “Locking up an editor for two months while security agents decide whether political criticism constitutes grounds for criminal prosecution is outrageous. Viktor Shmakov should be released immediately and all proceedings against him dropped.” We agree. Shmakov is 63 years old and in ill health. We join Reporters Without Borders in calling on Your Excellency to condemn his arrest and demand his release.

We are also dismayed that, according to the news agency, Regnum, prosecutors in the western city of Kaliningrad have filed criminal libel charges against Arseny Makhlov, publisher of the weekly, Dvornik . The newspaper had criticized a local prosecutor who allegedly accepted a bribe to close a fraud case against a local official. This prosecution is part of a pattern of Russian use of criminal libel charges to silence criticism; it is also part of a campaign against critical media in the Kaliningrad region in advance of parliamentary elections. According to CPJ, some publishing houses refused to print newspapers, and several journalists were dismissed for criticizing local officials. None of this would be tolerable in the democracy that you have assured us you want to establish in Russia .

Finally, we urge you to order a full investigation into the severe beating of Marina Litvinovich, the chief editor of the Internet site, Pravda Beslana, and coordinator of the opposition movement, “Joint Civil Front.” Litvinovich told the Eho Moskvi radio station that unidentified individuals attacked her from behind and hit her several times on the head, causing her to lose consciousness. Her purse, cell phone, money, and laptop were not taken. Two of her teeth were knocked out and she suffered injuries to her face and ribs in the attack. She believes that the attack was related to her role in the investigation of a series of terrorist attacks in Russian cities.

Your Excellency, to repeat our recent message, it is still not too late to reverse course and demonstrate that you accept the principles of press freedom in an open society. We urge you to do so.


Thank you for your attention. We would appreciate a reply.
Larry Martz
Kevin McDermott
Co-chairmen, Freedom of the Press Committee



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