June 17, 2024

Event Coverage Highlight

An Introduction to ‘Civil’ – A New Journalism Platform Based on Blockchain and Cryptoecomonics

Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Imagine you could take everything you don’t like about journalism – from broken business models to trolls to bad actors – and put them in a box for a minute. Just for a minute. Now imagine building a decentralized platform that’s in service of journalism – essentially starting all over again in the current media climate. What would that look like? And how do blockchain and cryptoeconomics provide a foundation for a platform that’s driven by journalism, supported by developers and owned by the people? in a nutshell, that’s Civil. Please join Daniel Sieberg, a former OPC Governor who is a co-founder and business development lead at Civil, to learn more about this new global eco-system that is launching this summer and needs help from the broader industry to collaboratively create a sustainable future. In others words, find out how – and why – you can get involved.

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Read more about Civil and Blockchain in a recent New York Times article here.