June 17, 2024

Event Coverage Highlight

Are the US and UK Pushing for a Military Victory in Ukraine? What Does Victory Mean?

Join the OPC to hear three panelists with longtime experience in Ukraine who will talk from Kyiv.

Registrants will receive a link to join the Zoom call about an hour before the program on July 13.

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Panelists are:

Andy Bain is an American who has lived in Kyiv for 30 years, building his Atlantic Group into one of Ukraine’s largest ad agencies. A retired US Marine Corps colonel, Bain leads the Ukrainian Freedom Fund, a nonprofit that raises money to buy equipment for Ukraine’s military.

Daniel Bilak, a Canadian-Ukrainian who is senior counsel in Kyiv for the the Kinstellar law firm, was director of UkraineInvest, Ukraine’s investment promotion agency.

The moderator is OPC member Jim Brooke. After a career overseas for The New York Times, Bloomberg and Voice of America, Brooke worked from 2015 to 2021 as a business reporter based in Kyiv.