April 23, 2024

Is Asia About to Out-Innovate America?

Americans have suffered the loss of jobs to East Asia, but have retained an edge in terms of advanced technological innovation. But now, start-up companies are emerging in China, India, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan and are attracting some of the best and brightest from the West to create innovative new ideas and take them to global markets. Can they really do it? What should be the American response?

To discuss these timely subjects, come to a Dutch Treat luncheon conversation with Rebecca Fannin, author of Startup Asia: Top Strategies for Cashing in on Asia’s Innovation Boom: (Wiley, October 2011). Fannin, an OPC member, travels extensively between the American East Coast, Silicon Valley and the hot spots of East Asia. This is her second book, following Silicon Dragon: How China Is Winning The Tech Race (McGraw Hill, 2008.)

Hosting the session will be former OPC President William J. Holstein, who also has deep experience with innovation on both sides of the Pacific.

Reservations are essential. Call the Overseas Press Club, 212-626-9220.

Rebecca Fannin’s website >>

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