May 28, 2024

Event Coverage Highlight

Covering Climate Change: Tips on Engaging Readers and Viewers Without Overwhelming Them

Surrounded by hazy conditions in June due to smoke from wildfires in Canada, the Washington Monument is barely visible from Arlington, Virginia. Photo by Matt McClain/The Washington Post

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Floods, fires, hurricanes and other environmental disasters are occurring with increasing frequency across the globe. Climate reporters cover not only the initial disaster, but the effects on infrastructure, health and migration. How can journalists capture the quickening climate crisis with impact, engaging but not overwhelming audiences?

Zachary Goldfarb, climate and environment editor at The Washington Post will moderate a discussion by climate reporters and editors who grapple with these issues every day.

The panelists are:

Juliet Eilperin, deputy climate and environment editor, The Washington Post.

Kendra Pierre Louis, climate reporter with Bloomberg.

Peter Prengaman, news director of The Associated Press’ climate and environmental team.

Steve Sapienza, senior editor at the Pulitzer Center who has led work on connected coastlines and fisheries.