June 17, 2024

Event Coverage Highlight

How I Did It: Renata Brito and Felipe Dana

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Associated Press visual journalists Renata Brito and Felipe Dana won the OPC’s Kim Wall Award for their 2023 series “Adrift.” Over two years, from West Africa to the Canary Islands to Paris and all the way to the Caribbean – journeys that those aboard died to make – the two assembled a painstaking portrait of a trip of hope gone wrong, and the people who suffered because of it.

The human story was staggering. But there was a larger theme behind it all. The tale of ocean migration in the 21st century is a messy one, complicated not only by natural elements like unforgiving seas and unpredictable, climate-change-fueled weather patterns, but by governments unwilling or unable to seize responsibility for human lives and by traffickers who dismiss those same lives as simply items on a balance sheet. Brito and Dana dug into this, too, showing the nuanced connections among systems that almost seem designed to prevent would-be migrants from safely realizing their dreams.

Brito and Dana will discuss their reporting and storytelling with Mary Rajkumar, global investigations editor of the AP and a governor of the OPC, in the latest program of the OPC’s “How I Did It” series.

You can read the stories here:


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