April 16, 2024

Event Coverage Highlight

Video Journalism in These Dangerous Times

Photo: Richard Masoner (flickr)

Many journalists today are expected to do their storytelling through video as much as the printed word. A panel of experts will lead a seminar to provide a tool kit so that beginners can learn, and video experts can brush up on, what’s involved. It will offer technology tips and provide links to useful tools; discuss how video journalism differs from print, including ethical responsibilities; and show the power of video in changing the narrative.


1) Erica Anderson, Erica Anderson, lead for U.S. partnerships with News Lab at Google. She will talk about the tools that Google provides to verify the authenticity of videos that journalists use from third parties.

2) Priscila Neri, Senior Program Manager for Witness. Witness trains people globally how to use video and technology to document human rights violations and to tell stories that otherwise would go unheard and unseen. They focus on techniques and strategies to increase the chances that civic media can be trusted and shared safely, ethically and effectively to support movements for change.

3) Sara Obeidat, a co-producer at Rain Media working on films for FRONTLINE, including Inside Yemen, Separated and The Pension Gamble, which will be coming out in October. She also is the Enterprise Fellow at FRONTLINE.

The moderator will be OPC Secretary Paula Dwyer of Bloomberg News.

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