October 1, 2020

Journalist’s Tell All: The OPC Tchotchke Party

Get ready for Tchotchke Night — a fascinating party at a fabulous location — the OPC version of show-and-tell. Dust off that precious souvenir from a far-away place that you picked up while on assignment and bring it with you. We want to hear the story about the greatest tchotchke you picked up from abroad.

Okay, maybe it is a badly woven Afghan rug you picked up in the Kabul bazaar and you just want to bring a picture, just come tell us the story. This is the Foreign Correspondents’ version fo a Poetry Slam.

Please bring a souvenir with a story attached and at least one prospective OPC member. We look forward to seeing you there.

If this program intrigues you and you have an interest in joining fellow foreign correspondents as a member of the OPC, please call the office at 212-626-9220 for more information.