April 15, 2024

Event Coverage Highlight

Putin May Win Back Ukrainian Territory, But Not Ukrainian Hearts

In the 30 years since independence, Ukrainians have moved on from Moscow’s thrall. If he invades, Putin may win short-term military advances. But he long ago lost the hearts and minds of Ukraine’s 40 million people. That mindset – and Putin’s prospects in Ukraine – will be analyzed by three longtime residents:

Brian Mefford, American owner of Wooden Horse Strategies, a Kyiv-based company that does polling, election observing and government relations.

Myroslava Hartmond, British-Ukrainian manager of a Kyiv art gallery who will discuss Ukrainian soft power and the toppling of Lenin statues across Ukraine.

Peter Dickinson, a British journalist who is Ukraine Editor of the Atlantic Council and owner of Business Ukraine and Lviv Today magazines.

James Brooke, a former New York Times correspondent, will be the moderator. After the Times, Brooke worked for eight years in Moscow and six years in Kyiv before returning last fall to his native Berkshires.

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