June 6, 2020

Special Presentation: The Tiananmen Mothers Demand Justice

In the three decades since that fateful day at Tiananmen Square, much of the world has moved on. To current political conflict, to upcoming hot button issues, to whatever is poised to be the next big thing.

For the mothers of the deceased, the past bleeds into present-day, particularly when they raise their voices in a country that prefers to enforce their silence. Nevertheless, they persist in sending letters with four demands: the truth about the events that transpired, full accountability for the government’s role, a formal apology, and compensation for their loss.

In a touching tribute, Sharon Hom, a professor at NYU Law and the executive director of Human Rights in China, unveiled the next phase of these efforts, some of which will be revealed next week: The names, faces, and life stories of the deceased will be archived on both the internet and an upcoming 22-minute documentary.

The project is called The Forgotten. But it is a memorial to those long silenced, and those who continue to speak on their behalf.