May 22, 2022

Theater: “The Human Scale”

Pulitzer Prize and OPC Award winner LAWRENCE WRIGHT has written and is performing in a new play, THE HUMAN SCALE. The play has a limited run at 3LD Art and Technology Center until October 30. After the performance on Thursday, October 28, Wright will be available for discussion.

The play is a follow up on his essay in The New Yorker “Captives” from the November 9, 2009 issue, which gives an unsparing and graphic exploration of the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Wright uses the capture of Israeli soldier Sgt. Gilad Shalit by Hamas-linked militants in Gaza in 2006 as an entrance into the violent tug of war over his return.

For “The Human Scale,” Wright is alone on a sparse stage in front of 14 screens displaying sometimes graphic photos and video. Wright says “I had written my article. I had done as much as I could…but I felt that there was still something unsaid because of the limitation of the medium itself and in order to get this conversation advanced to a further level I wanted to be able to present people with the video and other imagery that would …reach them in an emotional way and it’s very difficult to do simply in a piece of journalism.”

The theater is located downtown at 80 Greenwich Street (near Rector Street).