June 17, 2024

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VIDEO: Covering Climate Change – Tips on Engaging Audiences Without Overwhelming Them

On Nov. 2, the OPC hosted a panel with veteran climate reporters to discuss tips and case studies on how to engage readers while covering climate change.

During the program, moderator Zachary Goldfarb , climate and environment editor at The Washington Post, asked the panelists about a range of topics, including how the the story of climate change has developed in recent years, how to appropriately connect dots between acute climate disasters and overall global changes, the status of U.S. and international policy, recent impactful reporting, newsroom strategies, political polarization among audiences, and much more.Click the window above to watch a playlist of video clips from the program.

The panelists were:

Juliet Eilperin, deputy climate and environment editor, The Washington Post.

Kendra Pierre Louis, climate reporter with Bloomberg.

Peter Prengaman, news director of The Associated Press’ climate and environmental team.

Steve Sapienza, senior editor at the Pulitzer Center who has led work on connected coastlines and fisheries.