OPC Archive Research Tips

In 2022, the OPC digitized thousands of printed archives of the club’s newsletters and publications, and uploaded them to Archive.org to make them publicly accessible in one searchable collection.

This archive provides a vital chronicle of members and club activities that also presents opportunities for historians, authors and other researchers.

You can read a poignant letter from one such researcher who recently used the OPC’s past Bulletin archives to learn details about his own father, Lionel Durand.

For those who are new to Archive.org research, below are a few tips to help researchers refine their searches.

From the OPC’s collection page, note that there is a search box at the top of the leftmost column, containing the words “Search this Collection” followed by a magnifying glass icon.

Note: if you do not see this search box, make sure you have selected the “collection” tab at the top, and not the “about” tab.

Just below the search box, there are two radio buttons reading “Metadata” and “Text contents.”

To search the entire collection for particular text, such as a name, publication, or country, click the circle next to “Text contents.” This search box allows Boolean notation such as “quotes around a whole string of words” that you want to search, terms you want to exclude using a “-minus” sign, and other common search engine operators.

To limit the collection to particular years, in the left-hand column under the “year” heading, click on the “more” link. This will open a popup where you can select individual years using the checkboxes. Click “apply your filters” when you are done selecting years.

archive.org/details/opc-archive is the entire collection. Use the search bar on the left to type search terms, and make sure “text” is selected instead of “metadata” unless you are only searching for PDF titles or dates.

For Bulletins only, use the link below:

Bulletin Archive

This link, which includes Datelines only, is the best place to look when searching for information on OPC Award winners:

Dateline Archive

Here is a URL showing member directories:

Member Directories

The archive for the Bulletin is now up to date through July 2022. Click here to see the most recent Bulletins as they are published.