OPC Offers Special Press ID

The Overseas Press Club is offering members a special deal on the large OPC press ID cards as one of the measures the club is taking to help journalists cover breaking news amidst the danger and disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In normal times, the cards are valid for only 12 months to correspond with the OPC’s dues schedule that runs from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. But we are offering extra months to anyone who orders a large ID card. The cards will not expire until Sept. 30, 2021.

To order a card, email a high-resolution color headshot to patricia@opcofamerica.org and pay the $40 charge on this link.

We are not able to offer any free, credit-card sized ID cards at this time because the printer is located in the OPC office, which is under lockdown.

If you are not a member but wish to join, please see our member application page to read more and apply.

Many OPC members find the large ID’s an invaluable tool.

OPC Second Vice President Christopher Dickey, who is based in Paris and is foreign editor for The Daily Beast and a contributor to NBC/MSNBC says:

“The large OPC press ID is the most effective credential I have found when working in crowded, chaotic situations where wallet-size IDs are clumsy to handle and, even when issued by governments, often carry little authority. The OPC ID is big enough for police to read quickly and from a distance, which they tend to appreciate. I used mine throughout the gilets jaunes riots in Paris in late 2018, and passed repeatedly through police lines with no problem.”

Freelancer Chriss Swaney used hers to cover the 2018 massacre in a Pittsburgh temple:

“I had no idea my new OPC press badges would give me unlimited access to covering one of the most horrific mass shootings of Jewish people in U.S. history.”

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Two-time OPC award winner Anand Gopal wrote about his “lifesaving” use of an OPC press pass in Afghanistan, and how it allowed him “to cross checkpoints, enter government offices, even obtain journalist visas. But most important, the OPC Press Card gives me a sense of security.”

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OPC member Lucy Sherriff wrote about her experience using the OPC’s Press Badge to gain access and reassure sources while covering US election rallies.

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